Hubei engineering design & Research Institute Co., Ltd is built on the State-owned investment platform, and is a comprehensive and new-patterned designing and researching enterprise which certified Grade A of construction industry (construction engineering) and certified Grade B of urban and rural planning, municipal industry (drainage engineering, road engineering) and landscape architecture. Our business scope includes designing, consulting, project management and general contracting. 
Our institute was established in Hubei province and regards phoenix as the symbolic totem of the enterprise culture. In accordance with the high-standard and international requirements and relying on the competitive team that with precise design and comprehensive planning, our institute created a large amount of outstanding works including "Enshi selenium valley - Phoenix ecological city", "Huangmei county - Five Ancestor Temple Bodhi Town" and "Daye - Bronze mount Tourist Village", therefore created great value for both customers and society and won a good reputation.
As an innovative enterprise that driven by research and talents, our professional technical team includes doctors, masters, international designing elites and senior engineers. In addition, the number of professionals with registration and junior or senior title accounts for about 60% of the overall employees. In accordance with the philosophy of respecting and cultivating talents, we established international studio and shared latest research results. We also became the essential internship base for both Wuhan University and Wuhan University of Technology. Currently, we are bidding for setting up the post-doctoral research center by cooperating with the Wuhan University. Besides, the institute is planning to establish an influential communication platform that to involve worldwide prestigious education institutions such as the University of Cambridge, Tsinghua Universityand Wuhan University as well as leading enterprises such as RTKL, Pei Partnership Architects, SOM and Arcadis to conduct in-depth research and information sharing according to the innovative ideologies and techniques. 
 In order to achieve the strategic transformation of designing enterprise, following the direction of our leadership and taking advantages of state-owned investment platform and comprehensive talents, our institute masters the industrial development trend and the actual development needs, successively established urban design research center, urban development research center, sponge city research center and utility tunnel research center. Additionally, as for those advanced subjects such as tourism planning, sponge city, sapiential city, green architecture and new-type urbanization, we have already implemented profoundly. Especially in terms of new-type urbanization and sponge city, our institute has strengthened the professional leading status nationwide. Moreover, we established the public-private partnership (PPP) research center based on the State-owned financing platform. By cooperating with local government and large state-owned enterprises, we actively search for the design-centred PPP pattern and work on transforming and improving the traditional business. 
In accordance with the guiding ideology of systematic thinking, scientific analysis, comprehensive design, as well as being professional, distinctive, meticulous and innovative, and in line with the substantial development idea of emphasizing on corporate strategy, focusing on business, being inspired by organizational culture, being instructed by perspective plan, sticking to continuous innovation and maintaining the financial stability, as well as adhering to the self-request of  becoming the green ecology advocator and the urban development facilitator, by taking fully advantage of the state-owned investment platform, we devote to become an outstanding engineering designing institute that facilitate the urban-rural construction and social development effortly therefore to better achieve the win-win result for both economic and social benefit.